Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being a Wife is F-U-N

I miss my book..actually it isn't mine although I wish it was I borrowed it from my mom, who borrowed it from her dear friend (who is now my MIL). And now it is in the hands of my sister who is soon to be a wife.
It's the book everyone hates- but I love ... few love it. So what does this book have to do with how much fun I'm having being a wife?
EVERYTHING!!! almost...but pretty much
I think I started reading it when Isaiah and I started courting- 3 yrs ago
I started reading it because I wanted to be a good wife, a godly wife and I wanted a fun, loving marriage that honored God.

I saw the author even though she is old has a very cheerful face and by the picture and articles he's written her husband adores her.
This book has changed me, every way I react is different than I know I would have if I had not read this book.
I'm not saying I'm perfect just different in a better way than I would have been.
Isaiah and I are married for life and I don't want to be the grumpy old couple in the grocery store who can't stand each other and are arguing over what kind of hot dog buns to buy...GEE glad to get that one off my chest.
I want what every romantic girl wants....the old couple holding hands...they still have that "in love" look in their eyes and the joy bursting out of their hearts. I heard you figure out how selfish you are after you get married.
Or how many opportunities you get to be unselfish.
I remember on our honeymoon........
"Honey, could you scratch my back?"
"Sure babe!"
Day 2
"Honey, could you scratch my back?"
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
And it's not 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours'
It's I Rebekah will be scratching your back, arms, legs, hands he likes his arms and hands scratched anytime we are just sitting together everyday for the rest of your life! That's right no one else is going to be scratching him....he loves it and no one but ME will be doing it...forever.
Weird thing is....I used to be thinking...ugh, here we go again... and now I actually like he doesn't even have to hardly ask me anymore- I enjoy tracing trees, flowers, a sunshine, a beach, twin boys his back with my finger tips. Each time he asks me to do something I see it as another way to show my love to him.

Actions speak louder than words.
I read that in an American girl book when I was little and it stuck- I say it to myself every day and ask what are my actions saying?
Do they shout" I LOVE YOU !".

This book has also taught me to be playful.
We get some weird looks from our family but it's just the way we play- yes, we turn into five year olds and giggle but it keeps us say ' Man, you are so much fun to be around! Yesterday I saw a pair of his pants lying on the chair in our bed room and decided to be silly. I ran into the living room and shouted
' Now look who's wearing the pants in the family?'
giggly and running for dear life he chased me and his pants back ;) we love the chasing game we play it every day chase me chase me CATCH ME KISS ME! We love to play.

God first, Isaiah second and then me- I still need a lot of work on that but I find on the days I don't pray before I talk to Isaiah and I don't read my bible with him- those are the bad days and we have had few and it takes a few mins to realize- hey we started this day wrong can we start over?
We have had the sweetest moments in prayer. We haven't gone through a lot except a lot of transition, a lot of I have no idea what to expect, a few of this is what I thought we should be doing and this is what God had for us instead and what comes with that is the weirdest unnatural peace that is not of this world.
Sometimes I look back and think ' Why was I not freaking out then?' Oh, yes God was there with His arms around us. We were never left alone on this trail many have taken but all are different.

The most important thing I learned was Gods' plan for the wife. I am a help meet for Isaiah. That is my number one calling from the day I said "I do" no thing comes before my husbands need of me. Sorry girlfriends and all that crap about you being closer and understanding me better- there is no closer knit relationship than a husband and wife. Two become one. He is my best friend, my other half, my lover, my leader.
He is my husband, I am very proud and happy to say I am your wife.


  1. Mom says: 8-)

    P.S. Maybe your dh can buy
    you your own book...
    I hear they can be found on E Bay.

  2. I LOVE this book too and so glad CHRISTINE insisted I buy it =)