Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Night Adventure

It was snowing again.
I cleaned the car off and, like a good daughter in-law, brought my inlaws some freshly baked cookies as a thank you for the pretty kitchen towel and bananas.
Chatted with my MIL about the usual... being pregnant, birthing, having her as my know things MILs and DILs always talk about.
Then I had to go-
My bread was baking and would be done soon.
I got home- thankfully I did not get stuck in the driveway ever rising with snow.
As I lovingly packed Isaiahs lunch (oh, yes.....I was invited to come have lunch with him on his break!) I kept looking out the window.
It was blizzarding like craziness out there!
I planned on leaving early and driving super careful, so I went to start the car....uh, oh....why aren't you starting my precious blue car?
I thought I checked everything.....I had Isaiahs' lunch so I just couldn't just stay home....I called my MIL to see if I could use her car. While I'm talking to her genius hits me! The car was not in park. Grrr.....feeling stupid.
On the road, that I can't see, I followed the reflectors until I got to the interstate (thank God his work is only 15-20 mins away) I took it slow and was fine.
Isaiah was so glad to see me and I was glad to be there. We chatted, we kissed (blush), we snuggled until he had to go back to work. It was really nice....I wish I could go do that every night on his lunch break.
The trip home was a little more eventful then the trip there. First it had been snowing furiously the whole hr of his lunch break and second I kept slipping like crazy!
I HATE driving in the snow, I hate driving in the snow with semi trucks behind me trying to pass me and blowing snow all over me so I can't see anything while they do- eeek!
So, times that experience by two and you have one very frightened Becky. I was trying so hard to just stay on the road I missed my exit...which meant more driving.
I didn't miss my second exit-
I followed the bunny tracks (or whatever they were...maybe coyote...I'd like to think it was a fluffy bunny) to my house. I ran in and shut the door-
YAY! I made it home finally.


  1. Did I miss something? Are you pregnant? I am thinking no....

  2. No, I'm just really fascinated by it. Someday I will be though- but right now I just want to learn as much as I can about it.