Monday, April 20, 2015

Success VS. Failure

I posted  that picture because I love my kids. They are just too cute and adorable not to talk about. They are my little treasures.
I also want to talk about success.
To me is reaching the final goal, finishing the project, having satisfaction with the product.
Seeing my kids joyful is one success.
Success is individual.
Failure is part of success.  Without failing and trying over and over again you will never have the chance at being successful.
My husband really inspires me. Sometimes I think he is just bat crazy. But he isn't,  he is very perseverant,  he has something right there.: the attitude to never give up and to never say it can't be done. He teaches himself how to do anything because he loves to learn.
He doesn't like failure.
But it's part of the process.

When we have a failure it makes me think of my kids future. Will we pass on that "keep moving forward" attitude to them?
Will they look at us and say " We can do it because they did!".
Many have encouraged me in life when I'm down after a hardship.  A little life trial that discouraged me.
The bitter ones don't inspire. They bring you down, they warn you it will be sooo bad and wish and wish they could change their life. Never content, they tend to be perfectionists and others can never get it right for them.
The ones that say "I had faith and trusted God! He is in control and no matter what state I am in I am to be content. "
Those people are a success.
Thanks Mom and Dad for sticking it out in the hardest of times. The odd jobs, the small houses, the many kids, everything in life that made you who you are now- I really admire you for trusting God and having never failing faith that He would take care of you. That is what gives me strength today. You passed it down.

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