Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being a Wife is F-U-N

I miss my book..actually it isn't mine although I wish it was I borrowed it from my mom, who borrowed it from her dear friend (who is now my MIL). And now it is in the hands of my sister who is soon to be a wife.
It's the book everyone hates- but I love ... few love it. So what does this book have to do with how much fun I'm having being a wife?
EVERYTHING!!! almost...but pretty much
I think I started reading it when Isaiah and I started courting- 3 yrs ago
I started reading it because I wanted to be a good wife, a godly wife and I wanted a fun, loving marriage that honored God.

I saw the author even though she is old has a very cheerful face and by the picture and articles he's written her husband adores her.
This book has changed me, every way I react is different than I know I would have if I had not read this book.
I'm not saying I'm perfect just different in a better way than I would have been.
Isaiah and I are married for life and I don't want to be the grumpy old couple in the grocery store who can't stand each other and are arguing over what kind of hot dog buns to buy...GEE glad to get that one off my chest.
I want what every romantic girl wants....the old couple holding hands...they still have that "in love" look in their eyes and the joy bursting out of their hearts. I heard you figure out how selfish you are after you get married.
Or how many opportunities you get to be unselfish.
I remember on our honeymoon........
"Honey, could you scratch my back?"
"Sure babe!"
Day 2
"Honey, could you scratch my back?"
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
And it's not 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours'
It's I Rebekah will be scratching your back, arms, legs, hands he likes his arms and hands scratched anytime we are just sitting together everyday for the rest of your life! That's right no one else is going to be scratching him....he loves it and no one but ME will be doing it...forever.
Weird thing is....I used to be thinking...ugh, here we go again... and now I actually like he doesn't even have to hardly ask me anymore- I enjoy tracing trees, flowers, a sunshine, a beach, twin boys his back with my finger tips. Each time he asks me to do something I see it as another way to show my love to him.

Actions speak louder than words.
I read that in an American girl book when I was little and it stuck- I say it to myself every day and ask what are my actions saying?
Do they shout" I LOVE YOU !".

This book has also taught me to be playful.
We get some weird looks from our family but it's just the way we play- yes, we turn into five year olds and giggle but it keeps us say ' Man, you are so much fun to be around! Yesterday I saw a pair of his pants lying on the chair in our bed room and decided to be silly. I ran into the living room and shouted
' Now look who's wearing the pants in the family?'
giggly and running for dear life he chased me and his pants back ;) we love the chasing game we play it every day chase me chase me CATCH ME KISS ME! We love to play.

God first, Isaiah second and then me- I still need a lot of work on that but I find on the days I don't pray before I talk to Isaiah and I don't read my bible with him- those are the bad days and we have had few and it takes a few mins to realize- hey we started this day wrong can we start over?
We have had the sweetest moments in prayer. We haven't gone through a lot except a lot of transition, a lot of I have no idea what to expect, a few of this is what I thought we should be doing and this is what God had for us instead and what comes with that is the weirdest unnatural peace that is not of this world.
Sometimes I look back and think ' Why was I not freaking out then?' Oh, yes God was there with His arms around us. We were never left alone on this trail many have taken but all are different.

The most important thing I learned was Gods' plan for the wife. I am a help meet for Isaiah. That is my number one calling from the day I said "I do" no thing comes before my husbands need of me. Sorry girlfriends and all that crap about you being closer and understanding me better- there is no closer knit relationship than a husband and wife. Two become one. He is my best friend, my other half, my lover, my leader.
He is my husband, I am very proud and happy to say I am your wife.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Night Adventure

It was snowing again.
I cleaned the car off and, like a good daughter in-law, brought my inlaws some freshly baked cookies as a thank you for the pretty kitchen towel and bananas.
Chatted with my MIL about the usual... being pregnant, birthing, having her as my know things MILs and DILs always talk about.
Then I had to go-
My bread was baking and would be done soon.
I got home- thankfully I did not get stuck in the driveway ever rising with snow.
As I lovingly packed Isaiahs lunch (oh, yes.....I was invited to come have lunch with him on his break!) I kept looking out the window.
It was blizzarding like craziness out there!
I planned on leaving early and driving super careful, so I went to start the car....uh, oh....why aren't you starting my precious blue car?
I thought I checked everything.....I had Isaiahs' lunch so I just couldn't just stay home....I called my MIL to see if I could use her car. While I'm talking to her genius hits me! The car was not in park. Grrr.....feeling stupid.
On the road, that I can't see, I followed the reflectors until I got to the interstate (thank God his work is only 15-20 mins away) I took it slow and was fine.
Isaiah was so glad to see me and I was glad to be there. We chatted, we kissed (blush), we snuggled until he had to go back to work. It was really nice....I wish I could go do that every night on his lunch break.
The trip home was a little more eventful then the trip there. First it had been snowing furiously the whole hr of his lunch break and second I kept slipping like crazy!
I HATE driving in the snow, I hate driving in the snow with semi trucks behind me trying to pass me and blowing snow all over me so I can't see anything while they do- eeek!
So, times that experience by two and you have one very frightened Becky. I was trying so hard to just stay on the road I missed my exit...which meant more driving.
I didn't miss my second exit-
I followed the bunny tracks (or whatever they were...maybe coyote...I'd like to think it was a fluffy bunny) to my house. I ran in and shut the door-
YAY! I made it home finally.


While everyone else is having "Wordless Wednesday" posts I'm going to tell you a story.
Yes, grab a tissue or two......if you must.

Once upon a time a young bride and her beloved new husband were out honeymooning in Ireland. Sigh
As they were hiking in Glendalough, passing the camera back and forth taking pictures) the young bride taking the camera out of the case and trying to put that strap around her wrist (like her mom told her over and over again when she used her moms camera)
she dropped it......
on a very hard rock.
The End.
And that is why I don't have a "Wordless Wednesday" post. Other wise I would have some pictures of the five or so inches of snow on my back porch.

My birthday is in 21 days- hint hint

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thankful for People

For my parents.
I wouldn't be here without them.

For my brothers and sisters.
Without them I wouldn't be who I am today.

My Pastor and his wife who have helped me grow in my christian walk.

For friends near and far
old and young
you have encouraged me

For my inlaws- they are always there for me.

For my loving husband who takes good care of me every day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Memory Monday

We Finished!
The past few months Isaiah and I have been taking the financial peace course by Dave Ramsey and today we graduated! I'm really excited, I've been excited through the whole thing, but now all that lies in our way is time and time will tell how much sunk in or not. I'm really excited because the last baby step he has is Build Wealth and GIVE. I love giving when I can. I hate it when I'm broke and see a need that I can't fill or can't buy my friends their lunch or even a coffee to be a blessing to them- I HATE it.

One of the first times I wanted to be a giver was back in 2008 when our youth group was going on a missions trip to Mexico. We had so many fund raisers, car washes to selling See's candy outside of Wal-Mart in January (Burr!).
It was spring and we weren't leaving until August but i still didn't have enough. So I was working in the lawn service for my Dad and he told me if I did a pine needle raking job by myself (which would take all day) he would give me the whole profit not just the hourly wage.

Now this was a tough job, the customer had flower beds, rock beds, a play area with a sand box, a cement patio with several pieces of furniture on it, and all of it was covered in 4 or 5 inches of pine needles.
My Dad wasn't kidding he dropped me off early, took my brother lawn mowing with him all day, and picked me up late when they were done. But I was earning money for this missions trip and I was going to do a great job with a good attitude. Around noon the owner was home on her lunch break "Are you doing this all by yourself?!"
"Yes, my Dad is letting me keep all the money for a missions trip if I do it all by myself." I explained
"Oh, well let me give you some lunch."
I had packed some sandwiches but she refused not to feed me herself and made me.....I can't remember but it was something delicious.
So we had lunch together and chatted about everything. I found out she was a Christian, she had two kids, her husband was a cardiologist and she was a RN and a very friendly one but had to get back to work and so did I.
After lunch I went back to work feeling good and happy to work for such a nice lady. The hours went by fast and soon my Dad was back and we pulled the tarps onto the trailer. He went to go get the check and the lady came out with a the check and then an envelope....for me!!!
As we drove away I opened it up and in it was a card, she wrote that she was proud of the way I had worked today and that she used to work with her Dad on a farm and that hard work ethic made her into the woman she was today. She wrote that she would pray for me while I was on the missions trip and out fell $300! And that was on top of what I made from my Dad!
I was so happy I cried. How wonderful that someone could do that? Later I sent her a thank you with pictures from the missions trip. She got to take part I a blessing by allowing God to use her. I''m sure God would have provided another way if she hadn't been willing. But she was and I am so glad.
Not only did I get to go to Mexico but I got to see God work through His people in this lady. After that I thought to myself, I want to be that person, I want to be on the giving end and I want God to use me to bless others.

Oh, I almost forgot.....Isaiah (my husband) and I became good friends on that trip-

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date Night!!!

Isaiah and I are going on a date tonight (late Valentines Day Dinner at church) and I'm pretty excited about it! It's the first one that we could attend since we've been courting, there will be fun games just for couples, yummy food from Johnny Carinos, and Isaiah will be taking me.
I remember our first Valentines Day Date......
We took my Mom. We went to Red Robin. He gave me a big bag of green peanut M & Ms ( what a stinker). And then we went for a long drive around Missoula in his Moms old beater red car (with my Mom in the back seat). I showed him the house where I was born and then we drove to the top of a very large hill and parked. My Mom then told us about 'parking" and we laughed....I was thinking 'hmmm someday when we are married I'm going to take Isaiah parking...but without my Mom' then my Mom got out of the car to take some pictures and Isaiah started crying. He told me how happy he was and that he was so glad to be courting me. Anyways, I thought it was the sweetest and I started crying as well. My Mom came back with a funny look on her face and I laughed. We were so pathetic....not so much now because we have a kissing/hugging/hand holding license. But I'm so glad we are past that and married. Gee it's wonderful. So tonight we will get into the car (that is now a blue beater car), drive an hour to Missoula (alone with a chaperon), and have a wonderful date Married style!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you Lawana.

21 years ago you were great with child, my husband.
Inside you was growing a beautiful baby that would someday be a man, my man.
His little fingers and a thumb that had slowly formed a perfect hand
I held on our wedding day and placed a gold band
Thank you for teaching him how to love
And for leading him to the Saviour up above
I could never love him as much as you
But every day I try to
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budget, Budget, Budget.

Why do people hate the budget? I love it! As a rule I make it and my husband changes it and we both agree on it. Each paycheck we enjoy telling our money where to go and what to do instead of freaking out 'WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO????!!!"
We have only been married 5 months but I think we have learned a lot about money. Not from experience as much as from watching others. We are 7 lessons away from graduating Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.

It has been very fun and I'm glad we are learning these skills right now as we are young. We have never been in debt and we vow never to get in debt even for a house) yes, you read right- Isaiah and Rebekah are slowly but surely going to own their own home but with no debt.
It all seems so far in the future, most of our dreams, but what will make those dreams happen is what we are doing right now.

Budget, budget, budget....a little here and a little there that is what will get us there.

Tuesdays Thoughts

This morning I woke up to the pitter patter noise of the rain hitting the roof "Thank you Lord for a roof over my head".
I looked to my husband still asleep "Thank you Lord for a good, strong, hard working husband that loves me".
After a very hot shower "Thank you Lord for hot water".
I wandered into the kitchen to come up with some idea for breakfast, I came up with a wonderful one for dinner, and I saw his paycheck on the counter "Thank you Lord for money to give to our church, missionaries, save, pay the bills,and buy food".
It's kinda funny being a stay at home wife, I am alone a lot but I can talk all day to my Lord so I'm never lonely.
Each day God provides all that I need, how can I ask for more?
I'm going to make thankfulness in my thoughts a habit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Memory Monday

5 months and Ten Days Ago..... I married my Valentine! And here are some picture from our honeymoon in Ireland.

Well first on our way there we kissed in times square on an AE store screen.
We got our picture taken and put up on the big screen for making a purchase.

We kissed in a shadow on the sidewalk when we walked to our hotel in Dublin.

We ran from the resterunt to our hotel in the rain.

The hotel owner let us use her umbrella.

More kissing, under a big green tree.
My excuse for taking a break on a hike :)

Kissing in some magical woods in Ireland that I hope to go back to-

Sunny Sunday

Yay For Sunshine and Yay for Church!

This morning I had nursery during Sunday School....I was pretty surprised how easy it was with two infants, a toddler and I. The infants stayed asleep (PRAISE GOD!) and the toddler was easily entertained.

Sunday Morning service Pastor Haveman preached on not getting discouraged about passing out tracts and witnessing to others about Jesus Christ through the story of the Ethiopian eunuch. Somehow he got a hold of the Bible and was searching for the truth and God sent a willing servant Philip to help him understand what he was reading. I have to say I've been a poor witness and using the excuse that I live out in the middle of nowhere BUT I go to the store and get gasoline about once a week. What about the check out lady? The man at the gas station? Am I always cheerful and praising God when they see me? My Dad is almost always- when I'd go with him to the bank, the store, at a lawn customers house. He seems to almost always be joyful and telling people he is "Doing better than I deserves thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!"
He encourages me, if he can do it so can I.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Stir Fry

Italian Shrimp Stir Fry

Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Dinner Friday

For the past few months or so Isaiah and I have been having a family dinner with his family on Friday nights.
I really look forward to this time of fellowship. Tonight we will be missing one very important member to our family, Clint(my FIL), he is out of town working until Thursday and we all miss him very much. Lawana ( my MIL) or David ( my BIL) normally makes the main dish and I bring a side (although I brought homemade pizza a few times) tonight I'm bring rolls and mashed potatoes to accompany pork chops YUMMY!.
Mary-Hannah ( my SIL) and I get a crazy look in our eyes a few hours after dinner and decide to make some kind of sugary treat, usually brownies, then after we play some competitive board game until late (after all it is Friday!) Isaiah and I head home and snuggle up to watch some movie- if I pick it's romantic....if he picks it out it's either suspense or comedy......if we both pick it out together it's a romantic, suspenseful comedy.
Have a great Friday everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Over 2 Years ago.....

I am glad to say-
I am not a Muckraker, but there has been quite a bit of crap going on, but besides that.
Today I have been married for 5 months and 4 days and that crazy love isn't wearing off (hasn't for the past 3 yrs I've known him). He is my one and only true love, yes, first kiss, first hand I ever held, high school sweetheart...for real-
Well, this is my first post in over two years so I don't think I should babble about how gah gah I am for my husband too much.
I have to say I give all credit and glory to God who created love, me and Isaiah and put all three together.
Praise God for His goodness and His mercy endureth forever.