Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, The Little Things....

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy....
And my husband brought me home a little sunshine.
He does these little things to tell me he loves me. He makes the bed, kisses me goodbye, thanks me for the food I've cooked for him, and tells me I look amazing etc.
They are little things.....he doesn't have to buy me diamonds or whisk me off the Hawaii on a pleasure cruise to tell me:
"I love you."
My Mom loves getting hugs and shoulder rubs.
My Dad likes someone to listen to him talk and spend time with him.
These are little things to say:
"I love you."

What are some little things you do to tell others that you love them?
What are some little things others do for you to tell you that they love you?

Friday, March 18, 2011


Get out the door!!!
I tell myself each day.
Once I am out the door the hard part is over now I can start to enjoy the run.
I have only been in one 10k race but this year I want to be in as many as I can and run a half marathon in July.
I started running two years ago- I loved the way my body filled with warmth at the end of the run I loved being alone and thinking on the run- I hated getting out the door to run. I started running because it was my Sr. Year and there was no homeschool volleyball team to play for anymore and I wanted to do something to keep me fit and healthy. Running was free-
I could only run 2 miles that first year and that was enough for me. Last year I had double it and sometimes thripled my runs. I went 5 to 6 miles at least three time a weeks and the farthest I ran was 10 miles.
This year my goal is to run 25-30 miles a week.
This year I have a loving husband who wants to go with me.
He keeps up with me, in fact he is a lot faster than I am but I am not a speed runner- I like the distance, the farther I go the better I feel in the end no matter what speed...speed comes later for me. So while he wants to run one mile in 6 or 7 mins I would rather run 6 or 7 ten minute miles. But he has agreed to run to run my pace. I notice the longer the run the stronger I feel and how even my breath gets- his on the other hand...lol.
Tomorrow is race day!
It's only a 5k, but I'm not very fast, kinda nervous. Isaiah is running in it too so that will help.
I love running.
What are your favorite Spring activities?

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 1990

The cutest boy I ever saw.

The fisherman.

The gun man.

The runner.

The handsomest face I ever saw.

He's my husband.
Happy Birthday!
I'm really glad you were born.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 6 Months of Being Married!

Wow, you wouldn't think that so much could happen in a short six months and how fast the time has gone by.
I gave away my first kiss on our wedding day.
Had an amazingly beautiful adventure in Ireland.
Came home pretty broke and not knowing how we were going to live on the money left.
Watched God work over and overagain- and seeing what He wanted was not always what we had planned.
And for everyone who keeps asking us every week of our lives....
We are not pregnant-
I never thought I'd get baby fever so bad.
and lose it
And get it back again :)

So for the Jr. McGuffeys-
We are renting a small but cute cabin a few miles out of Superior. That has a lot of stuffed animals in it...that were once alive!
Isaiah is working nights at Tricon in the off season of fishing. He is doing so well there we all think he will be the king soon ;) Well not to brag but he's gotten two raises since he's started working there 4 months ago- Praise God! He is a wonderful husband and takes really good care of me. Works hard and loves me to death.
Rebekah, me, myself and I- is enjoying being a wife, I love cooking new things and taking good care of my hubby making sure all his needs are metgiggle and I just started a CNA class an am enjoying that.
We love Sundays! It's our favorite day when we get to go to church. Isaiah teaches boys Sunday School class ages 6-10 and I pray for him- on the 4th Sunday we enjoy doing a nursing home service at the Missoula manor in the afternoon.
It's such a blessing to have someone to serve God with.
To have a best friend.
A lover.
A guide of my youth.
Thank you Lord for bringing Isaiah into my life!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Many Paths

Ever feel like there are so many ways to go you just don't know which one? Maybe it's not even your choice, you have done all you can and now it's up to God which way you will go.
I'm there right now- I've been there before.

The biggest decision I had to make on my own was whether I was going to court Isaiah or not.
I was barely seventeen and here was my friend who was wanting to become something more. It was scary, I prayed a lot and cried and told myself I was too young for this big life decision but the little voice kept saying
"This is right, this is what you are supposed to be doing right now in your life."

You see, you have to understand, Isaiah and I are so much alike in what we wanted in a relationship- I'm pretty sure there are only a handful out there.
We wanted ONE person ever to love and cherish. We wanted commitment, trust, and security.
So this was a huge deal- once I said "Yes." I was in the boat- no turning back and boy did this scare me. Isaiah had fasted and prayed a lot before he asked me to start this journey with him. Me, I fasted and prayed a lot while we were courting, because I knew we could not do this on our own...someone bigger than us would have to take control. We had God and He gave us so much more than we could have asked for. He gave us a support team, our parents were behind us cheering, rebuking, praying, sometimes restricting us along the way. And boy did we need them for encouragement when others were beating us down telling us we wouldn't make it and some simply thought we were crazy.
Now I can see how that time was preparing us for the present and all that hard work paid off.

The paths before me now- who knows which one I will take? I would like to take all of them.
One leads to adventure and is a little out of my comfort zone. I've done all I can do and it's no longer in my hands- but to wait.
Another is challenging me and making me grow and soon I will have done all I can in that area and waiting will begin.
And then there is the path that keeps going out before me, it's the 'If all else fails' path that will keep going and going.

Isaiah and I have prayed and prayed ... now we wait.

Out of Power

Yes, I did not abandon my blog.
We have been out of power for the past 20 or so hours and I didn't think it would be so bad.

No electricity- my in laws had already called the power company
No shower- that's OK I took one right before I went to bed no big deal.
No heat- Hmmm glad I have a hot husband who can keep me warm.
Limited water.
So the day was going fairly fine we ate cereal and then had homemade mac n cheese for dinner with the last of the water (Well Isaiah did, I didn't have time).
I drove my BIL David to drivers ed, I shopped for a few groceries...I was kinda nervous for my first CNA class and I ended up buying a ton of pasta.
Got to my class, everyone was friendly, I really like my teacher. We have class for four hours every week night until the end of March- it's going to be a lot of information cramming.
I did not have dinner so by the time I was headed home I did have an extremely bad head ache. I called my FIL to see if the power was back on, it was, or at their house anyways and he offered me some of his yummy fox stew (very good) if I came up to their house. My head ache was going away, my little SIL Grace-Marie was peppering me with questions like
"When are you going to make cookies again? Can I come to your house soon?"
I arrived at home at 9:45pm
wanting a hot bath and do some studying....the power was still out...ugh...

I called it in and decided to go to bed.
I woke up to what sounded likescreaming and laughing. I wasn't sure what it was...the noise was very loud! I freaked out and grabbed a shot gun and shined my flashlight out the windows into the dark. The noise kept getting louder...my cellphone rang... it was my FIL. They had coyotes at their house a few minutes ago and the dogs were chasing them away (to my house) and he called to check on me. He also told me the power company sent guys from Missoula so they wouldn't be here for awhile so he was coming down to get me. I was scared and really glad to get out of the dark house.
4 am
My husband gets off work and comes to get me and bring me home. The power was still out.
We saw guys working on a tree that fell on a line near our house. Scary. My husband talked to the guys and told them he would leave a light on outside our house so they would know when we had power back.
Isaiah and I talked for awhile, we prayed together and went to bed.
This morning Praise God the power is back on, no more screaming coyotes and Isaiah is home.