Friday, October 21, 2011

At Work, At The Store, At Home

Today was crazy....
like most my days that I go to work....but no one spit on me.... hit me or cussed me out
like Wednesday. I did get told thank you a lot and that always helps- and it was a bonus shift and those are always nice but it was a morning shift and those are always crazy. But as crazy as things get it's always worth it to help people...even if they are out of their minds half the time :)
At the store....
I felt like getting ice cream...and pickles.
No reason just wanted those two things. I already have a reputation in our little store- now to add to it I buy crazy food items :)
So the cashier looks at my food and asks: "Are we pregnant?"
I had to laugh- and sadly tell her no....I think...I will let you know in a few wks.
At home....finally home.
Clean, clean, run 2 miles as fast as I can before the rain comes, shower, nap, take my hubby lunch- LUNCH DATE! Back home, sigh, time to write and relax.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
God be with you-

Friday, October 7, 2011


The past 3 weeks I've been working at the hospital.
Our hospital is small, one side is long term care and the other...well.. the hospital side.
Well I might as well tell you what I really hate before I go all super positive about the job:
I HATE complaining coworkers.....yep...I'd say that's the worst thing.

I love the feeling I get when I go home. I love when we have a lot of visitors at dinner.
It makes me glad most of our residents have a loving family that comes and visits them.
I love being in the ER and making someone that is in a lot of pain laugh for a second.
I love watching someone get stitches...yeah weird...but it's interesting.
I love pretty much all the nurses and so far I have one Dr that is my favorite. She was a fire fighter, ambulance driver, CNA, and nurse before she became a Doctor...and she is going to have a baby :) so I think she is pretty cool.
I love being told thank you over and over again.
I love being around people.
Now my boss also would like me to work in medical records when needed.
The medical record room is small but organized.
I love organized.
I love my husband- he's happy for me.
I don't think this is my calling forever and dream job....but it is a step towards it.
My dream job is being a wife....well I already am one of those...and a mother.
God is really showing me to be thankful, joyful when others are not,
and to be willing to learn new things.
This job is just a growing step.
Experience is priceless.