Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nephews and a Niece

Last week-end I took my nephews and niece out to stay at our house while their mommy was away in CA
and their Daddy worked.
We had a blast! We went to the park, ran through the sprinkler, and Isaiah took us fishing Saturday.
I now understand why some mothers think I'm bored and have nothing to do.
My life is just not as exciting as theirs but I do try and stay busy.
BUT never Mom busy.

Meet My Nephews and Niece.

Bransen caught his first fish this past Saturday.
He is sweet, sensitive and a big helper.
He is 5 yrs old.

A red head but not a trouble maker.

Meet Bella.
She has an opinion about every person she meets.
She will let you know that your hair is messy and doesn't like it.
She washed my dishes for me.
She is up for adventure and hikes well in flip-flops.
She is 3.

A bright red head- but no trouble maker.

Meet Gabe.
Short for know the angel.
He is into everything. He likes to climb and fall.
He will poop 3 times in one day.

He pokes, pinches and pulls his sisters' hair.
He is 1 yrs old.
He doesn't have red hair but he is the trouble maker.
Very cute...but a trouble maker.

Isaiah helped them fish-he is pretty sweet and a nice dresser.
Bella and Bransen hiked about 1/2 mile to this lake.
Gabe wanted to but I held him.

"Down Aunt Becky, I walk!"

We found that frog...I captured it...but then it hopped up in my face and I threw the whole net into the water.
Isaiah gave me a look.

The kids wanted to stick their feet in the icy cold water so like a good Aunt I said go for it.


And they did.

Very sweetly they sat and atecherries.
It was so peaceful and the lake was magical. You could see right through to the bottom the water was so clear. The sun hit it and it sparkled. The woods surrounding it so quiet. The stream running to it steady but thin.
And the people coming to visit very sad to go.
Wanting to return soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Date Day

Not Date Night.
Date Day-

Isaiah took me out to lunch at the Golden Chopstick.
Best Chinese food ever! We looked forward to chatting with the smiley lady that takes our order, standing in line soaking up the Superior air and sunshine.
We took our food to a quiet park.
Our little picnic was full of my favorites truffles!
We had a lovely time chatting it up.
He told me some of his childhood memories I'd never heard before. It was nice to just spend time together alone after last week and not seeing much of each other.

We went to the museum.

An informed lady named Kay gave us a tour. She showed us so many interesting things I can't believe how much she knew, you could tell she loved her job. I really enjoyed looking at the old pictures the most and hearing the stories of the people in them. One couple she told us about showed up in mineral county with fifty cents to their name. Years later by being frugal and developing good friendships they become very wealthy, having no children of their own, they started a scholarship fund with the money they left when they died.

I thought that was pretty neat of them.
Another couple she told us about (yes, I'm kinda into stories about couples) had a picture in the museum that was taken on their wedding day. She wore a beautiful black dress (b/c white was 'in' yet). The tour guide was showing us that they had the dress donated and she couldn't believe how skinny the waist was on it- then she looks at me and says "She was skinny like you and you are so skinny it's disgusting!" I should have said thank you but instead I looked down at myself and had to giggle ( Isaiah didn't laugh-he has more self-control than me).
I consider myself a little on the athletic disgustingly skinny is not me.
A picture of a man without his wife told the story of a horrid wife she wanted him buried face down so she could kick him in the pants after he was dead. And this man was known to be a very generous mine owner who donated a lot of his money to the school, hospital, and court house building.
Anyways it made me wonder if one hundred years from now or two hundred years from now a picture of Isaiah and I was found...what would we be known for? I'd hope the tour guide would say- this couple really loved God, they built their house slowly debt free (which was no popular in their time), they had many children and gave a lot of money to missionaries and those in need. That's what I'd hope they'd say.

It was a good time with my hubby no house work-it was just a date day.
I'm glad we are best buddies.
And his feet are lovely.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Okay...I Finally Did It.

I put in my application at the hospital.
Yep all by myself...I told Isaiah to stay in the car.
This was all me.
Well the lady in charge of hiring was out on lunch break so some other nice lady took it.
Hmmm I saw that same lady at the store later....
Small town!
It's been5 months since I passed the CNA course.
Gee I'm such a procrastinator!
Well I did have some other things on my mind and running goal I wanted to reach.
I really enjoyed taking the classes, Loved my teacher, enjoyed working with other people, I even had someone ask me about God and church. I haven't seen her Since so maybe I will get to bump into her.
So now it's up to God whether I get hired.
Pray for me.
My hours I can work are weird since Isaiah works nights...
I want to work nights too so we can still see each other...
otherwise God will provide something else for me.
And I have to say I'm content with whatever that is.
I hope I'm a light wherever I am whatever I do.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

House Progress is Slow but Steady

We are building a shed. It's almost done and looks exactly like this one...I just have any pictures of ours yet. I think all that is missing is the doors.
We worked on the roof today and it was very HOT. I can't wait until it's done and we start filling it with tools and other house building supplies(it's exciting).
The electrical permit was sent off yesterday so we should be getting power in the next 2 wks or so. Then we can pour in our footings...start building the stone walls. I can see our home very clearly.It's very romantic...made to be a haven and shelter but it will look more like a fortress or castle.
It's not a pop up over night house but like one of those videos of flowers have to speed it up to see anything happen. I hope you will pray for us that we have wisdom building this house. Isaiah is doing a lot of research online and books. While we work I pray "Lord please give my husband wisdom, show him anything he forgot or missed, and let this house be a blessing to all who enter it."

"Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:"

A lot of people would get a loan slam bam a house up and make payments on it for most of their life....not us.
Patience is our strength. Our house might get done next yr or in 3yrs. Slow but steady...every day do something little to make progress debt free. Yes, I know we are crazy :)
It's nice to make progress no matter how little it is.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Silverwood / Missoula Fair

So we went to Silverwood on Saturday. Woke up early and stayed up that night.I think I'm still a little tired from the lack of sleep.
It was a fun trip we packed our car full of friends and siblings.
Lines, lines and more lines.....
One line took us an hour and a half !(everyone else thought it was worth ehhh).
Some lines went fast some were slow...but it seemed like we spent most of the day in line talking and I was glad I was with my friends.
At one line some group of guys (surely looking for a fight) cut in front of our group....
Isaiah is pretty happy go'm kinda all about rules and fairness ;) But I wasn't the first to speak was Jeri... my quietest friend. I couldn't hear it all but the guy ended up saying "Mind your @#&$-ing business, do you work here, I don't think so?"
so I said
"Hey did you see that sign back there? It says no cutting. You will get kicked out"
The guy replied with I just want to be with my friends blah blah blee blah
Isaiah tapped me and I hushed....they left it didn't even matter. I think what made me the most mad was him swearing at my friend. But we didn't let it ruin our day. That's where I'm really thankful for Isaiahs' good attitude about stuff.
We forgot to take pictures- we were having too much fun I guess. My brother wanted to go to Olive Garden afterwards so we went and I'm glad we did it was super yummy! We do not have an Olive Garden in Missoula so it was a real treat for us.
Sunday we drove to church, I had nursery during Sunday School (infants) they were so good for me and I love having the babies, they are just so much fun.
The message for Sunday morning was on faith. One of my favorite subjects to hear preached because I always need more faith. Isaiah has so many big dreams and ideas. And sometimes I lose sight of what we are working towards...I can't see a house we built ourselves or lots of kids running around...I can't see our dreams. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Those things aren't spiritual but sometimes I can't see the spiritual things happening either....yet when I believe and have faith I can see.
After church we went to work at the fair booth.
We have 3 things God cannot do at the booth behind 3 doors.
1. God cannot Lie
2. God cannot Change
3. God cannot Let Anyone Into Heaven Unless They Have been Born Again.
We passed out a lot of gospel tracts and got a chance to talk to many many people about Jesus.
It was a blessing. It was probably the best part of the week end for me.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last wk-end Isaiah andI took Ryan to the rodeo here in Superior. He took this picture of us with my cell-phone (that's why it's such poor quality). We had lot of fun. Ryan got to chase a baby calf (oh course it's a baby...that's why it's called a calf). A girl barrel racing almost got hurt really bad, her horse surely did and the guy behind the fence that the horse ran into....he flew back 20ft, it was scary-
Isaiah got a group of boys (I say boys b/c they looked like they were 12 and 13) to help him in the wild cow milking, Isaiah is very good at milking, those boys were not good at holding the wild cow. I cheered really loud! It didn't help :(
But we had a good time and we even dressed up to get into the mood- aren't we cute...well Isaiah is..
We didn't dance afterwards...we wanted too just not with a bunch of drunk people and we don't know how to dance...we try..all the time and have lot of fun. Here's how it goes...
The credits to a movie starts to play. Isaiah gets up and starts dancing I'm laughing so he pulls me up into it....and I pretty much got the moves (not) but we do try and have lots of fun. Someday we will take dancing lessons and be really good- we definitively have the enthusiasm.
My favorite part of the rodeo was: the older couple in front of us...yeah I'm a sap! They were being so cute and sweet to each other (they were like in their 40s) kissing every 20 mins or so, hugging, laughing at their 3 teenagers and their friends. They were really sweet.
Today we are going to Silverwood-
Tell you about that later-

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next Month-



Time flies by so fast when you're having fun. I almost forgot our anniversary is next month. Isaiah and I were at the pharmacy yesterday and the check out lady asked when it was and Isaiah spoke up real fast
"One month and one day."
"Do you have any plans?"
I hadn't really thought about it yet so I looked at Isaiah.
"Yes. But it's a surprise."
Well I love surprises and I really love them when they are from Isaiah so I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Children are a Gift.

Lately I've been day dreaming...

About someday being a Mother.
A mother is a teaching, a protector of the home, 2nd in command she is a leader.
A comforter in time of need. She should also be a wellspring of JOY in the home.
She is there with time no matter how busy she is to listen to all your worries and fears.
This is someone I've always known I'd be someday...
Today I was tutoring my 6 yr old sister in law and had a lot of fun.
We sang and shared smiles.
She is my little buddy and we filled the whole house with joy together.
Kids are the future so what is more valuable than investing time in them?
If you don't have time for them you don't have time for life.

Some parents don't enjoy their children. I do not understand this. They can't wait to get away from them like they aren't their own flesh and blood.
My parents enjoyed spending time with me. When I wasn't old enough to work with my Dad my Mom took us kids everywhere...I never had a babysitter that I can remember except for my older siblings and grandparents.
When I worked with my Dad I got to spend the whole day with him.
We talked in-between jobs and worked great together- I really liked it.
One of my first memories is of my mother taking me to the post office. It was just up the road from our house. When she was pregnant with Ryan the last baby in our family we would go walking together and this told me she cared about me because she spent time with me.

My husband and I talk often about out future kids, activities we will do with them.
How things might be. What godly things we want for our kids.
We are excited to start a family- we both want lots of kids- how ever many God gives us.
I'm enjoying this stage of life...being a newlywed....going on dates...having my hubby all to myself...but I'm excited for the next one too.
I have two main role models-
And I hope I'm as joyful and cheerful as Debbie Pearl
And as calm and peaceful as Michelle Dugger.
But I am Rebekah McGuffey and can only ask God to make me into the mother I will be.
Whenever it happens.