Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby on Board

Hello, I'm very pleased to announce that Isaiah and I are going to have a baby due January 27th!
When Isaiah and I got the pregnancy test we had to wait until morning for better results.
Well, I could hardly wait, 6am I popped out of bed!
I woke Isaiah up with my giggling of happiness and he shot out of bed to kiss me.
My Mom was the first one I called...then we both told my mother-inlaw. After that we were so excited we couldn't stop telling people.
Isaiah left for Alaska to go commercial fishing so I took my Mom to my first and second midwife
appointments. Isaiah is on his way home now so he will first see the picture of his baby when he gets home.
Last Sunday the baby was 12 wks- so this is how big he or she is.
Though I haven't been very sick praise God I have been reallly really tired.
So please pray that I will regain my energy as I enter into the 3rd trimester.