Friday, May 25, 2012

Bad Choices and Other Things I do.

Yesterday I decided after working so hard sitting on my butt using my brain as a bat against the computer that I would come home from work and eat junk. Yes, the half-marathon is in 6 weeks, and yes I was supposed to run 9 miles that evening but there I was eating baked fries with a ton of ketchup- of course this was after I ate 5 macadamen nut , caramel and chocolate clusters. What a pig!
Today I was a good girl- I only ate 2/3 of a water melon and thought "Oh yeah I can do this and not have to pee all day!". My boss actually complemented me on my work- she tells me I look pretty when I work in the business office and am wearing cute clothes and not scrubs. A 98 yr old patient told me a I was the sweetest girl she ever met and then proceeded to tell me how she loves what the church has done with the place. Another patient brought his dog with him to the ER- after driving there from his house, after he wrecked his motorcycle breaking ribs and dragging it home with a flat tire...yeah...don't know about this guy...but his dog was cute. There was a giant red bra in the break room at work- in a wal-mart one claimed it...but we all were a couple cups smaller...that made me laugh and a few other people too- see I work with weirdos too-
So I came home and ate a protein shake (yay healthy!) then ran my 9 miles from yesterday and had a relaxing time doing so. I ran off the stress and had to just focus on my breathing getting myself into a rhythm I closed my eyes and just listened to my feet hit the ground and it was really nice...yeah there were hills and it rained a little but the run as a whole was really nice.
I really glad God watches out for me- I mean I don't always to the right thing- and I'm kinda weird and he still loves me and He gives the best gifts- He gave me the best friend I could have on earth, Isaiah McGuffey. This week has been really wacky on us bc I've been working days and he works nights and he will be leaving in two weeks for Alaska to commercial fish for 8 weeks (wahhhhhh!) but he has bee such a sweetie- coming and having lunch with me or staying up a little later so we can visit- and listen to me talk about babies/kids/pregnancy/being a he should get a crown in heaven for that because I think I have worn out the subject more than 2,000 times and he listens with a grin on his face.
So there Mom- I wrote. Thank you for making me.