Friday, July 29, 2011

New Hair Cut

A little bit of bangs...a lot of a trim.
New flowers I never saw before.

Half-mowed lawn...I ran out of gas :(

Other than the pile of clean clothes, napping, and the yummy dinner.
This is how today has been.

I will bless the Lord at all time His praise shall continually be in my mouth.....
the humble will hear thereof and be glad.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey Lady!

But I'm not an independent woman.
Yeah... maybe I could provide for myself and be all alone and everything
But really I'm not into that-
First I depend on God to supply all my needs.


I'm a girl....with a lot of emotion.
I see babies and I cry.
God has bottled all my tears.
I'd like to thank those who have always been there to put their arm around me and let me cry. And those that have laughed their hearts out for joy.
My parents for guarding me and helping me keep my most precious ones for
my husband.
My husband is an amazing man- he is manly and tough and likes to sail the sea, kill dear and stick his hands in their guts. But he also is a big time snuggle bear and has always just listened and held me when I cried...about nothing....nothing at all.
Some of you girls know what I'm talking about.

My body is a temple of the Hold Ghost.
I'm a girl that likes to stay on the move.
Running, hiking, snowboarding, volleyball, yoga
are my top favorites.
But really without any support and encouragement
what fun are these by themselves?
Running for example I never thought I could go so far- or as fast
But the people that told me to push it and told me I could do it- I owe it to them to say
thank you
Lizza, Abby, Isaiah!
What would I be by myself...a girl who couldn't even run a mile, couldn't serve over hand pretty much lame.

I need my Bible everyday- I can't be without it!
I need to talk to God!
My church is very small
But boy can they sing,
the preacher can PREACH and I think he could jump to the moon if he wanted.
The Bible is taught and souls grow closer to God.
My heart gets pricked about my sin.
All by myself I am a sad little sinner.
But a saved one that still needs God every day.
My God is very BIG.

So to all the independent ladies....
Go for it-
But I won't join you in a million years.