Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Run Run But Not As Fast As You Can.

Monday after noon I asked my two younger sister if they would run a mile with me. After they agreed I started coaching- telling them to land flat on their feet, don't go too fast, and try to yourself :)
I don't think either one had run a mile without stopping so this was the goal and they did really good. Ever since I fell in love with running I've been trying to get as many people that are interested out the door and enjoying it to. So it went really well and I hope I got them started on loving running as much as I do.
I know when I first started I thought it was all about speed so I'd run as fast as I possibly could and feel terrible and getting low mileage. It wasn't until I told a good friend of mine my problems that she told me to just try to go a certain distance no mater how slow and then once I could comfortably go 3 miles then work on speed.
Oh, my results for the river ban run!
I did a 10k, a 5k and a 1 mile in 1:31:26 so it was a little over 10 miles total so I was averaging 8:55 min miles- I'm pretty happy with that! Now I'm training for the half marathon in July-