Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy First Year!

To my Beloved Husband.

Many waters connot quench love neither can floods drown it...

I'm currently writing a post on some firsts and what makes them so special.
More first anniversary pics to follow in that.

We had a wonderful first year.
I connot sum up all the happiness in a small post....
or the small trials we overcame.
I'm thankful for it all and that God made the beginning
a little rough so we would draw closer to God and to each other.
Isaiah didn't have a job for a month
We had one little crappy truck (that is still running)
We were on a $15 a wk budget for food (Isaiah still thinks I'm a wiz for figuring this out)
But God took care of us, we HAD to depend on Him
we were together and so happy-
It was harder than we thought
I'm thankful that it was
And we feel pretty rich right now :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


There is something about firsts. Maybe it's that you don't know what to expect or that it's exciting and new.
Since this blog is all about our newlywed life. I thought I would write about some of our firsts.

It seems like yesterday.....
When I first saw Isaiah McGuffey. He looked a little unhappy, he wore cowboy boots and the ugliest shirt I'd ever seen. I'd sworn off boys for some time when I met him and I wasn't in the least bit attracted to him-BUT I didn't know him yet.
The first youth group activity he came to involved work, painting, he brought some music and happened to have my favorite song The Turkish March by Mozart on one of his classical CDs.
We had something in common and became friends.
First missions trip, first time out of the USA Isaiah McGuffey, my friend, was with me.
First love letter.....well I saw it as a love was more like a thank you letter but sealed with red wax(uhhh huh!). My best friend Katie gave me an excited look when he handed it to me in front of everyone. As soon as he left we ran to the girls bathroom and opened it. We thought it was so cute and nice. I was full to the brim with happiness.
First gift
Isaiah gave to me was on my 17th birthday. It was late. it was in a small white paper bag.
It was the most special necklace I'd ever seen! I loved it! I wore it everyday until I got my engagement ring. It was something that I wore that said 'I'm taken." I really treasured it a lot and I still have it and wear it for special occasions.

I could go on and on...they first time we hugged,said"I love you.", held hands, and kissed.
They were all very special moments in my life I will always cherish and look back on as the "good 'ole days". You only get those firsts once...and I treasure each one.

Our first year married has been a time of learning. We are out in the BIG world now. And it isn't so fact I really like it. I keep telling Isaiah I'm studying to be a wife...and I want a PHD in it too! I take my job seriously especially with marriages falling apart all around me it makes me rush to God in prayer for my marriage. I know what I value the most and things that are temporal. What I need to spend my time on and what is not so important (but some older generation think is).
For example....
One day as I walked past my house I saw a couple walk out of my driveway (this isn't too odd the driveway forks and goes up the mountain but still they were strangers not neighbors) I shouted out a Hello and ask how they were...small talk...
They were from Seattle,older, and dressed a little too nice for hiking. The first question they asked me was what I did for a living. They wanted to hear about my career and education.
I'm a wife I said. It sounds so simple. It's not what you hear everyday not every wife is all out labeled as a helper to her husband. I told them about my hubby (kinda crazy about him) and our goal to build a debt free house...right over there where that hole is behind the little shed right next to the gravel strainer. Yeah.....they changed the subject.
The point is I'm content.
If God wanted me to be a dentist (I actually wanted to be one at one time) I would do that.
But I have been called to be a help to Isaiah to be the nurturer of this family.
This past yr I have been grounded in my calling. God has put me in my place and I am not to wish I had this or that job. My dreams are his dreams.

Wherever God leads him I am to follow. This first year has showed me I am the happiest, most
joyful when I am doing what God has created me to do.

Glorify Him.
And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee...
2 Corinthian 12:9