Monday, August 15, 2011

Silverwood / Missoula Fair

So we went to Silverwood on Saturday. Woke up early and stayed up that night.I think I'm still a little tired from the lack of sleep.
It was a fun trip we packed our car full of friends and siblings.
Lines, lines and more lines.....
One line took us an hour and a half !(everyone else thought it was worth ehhh).
Some lines went fast some were slow...but it seemed like we spent most of the day in line talking and I was glad I was with my friends.
At one line some group of guys (surely looking for a fight) cut in front of our group....
Isaiah is pretty happy go'm kinda all about rules and fairness ;) But I wasn't the first to speak was Jeri... my quietest friend. I couldn't hear it all but the guy ended up saying "Mind your @#&$-ing business, do you work here, I don't think so?"
so I said
"Hey did you see that sign back there? It says no cutting. You will get kicked out"
The guy replied with I just want to be with my friends blah blah blee blah
Isaiah tapped me and I hushed....they left it didn't even matter. I think what made me the most mad was him swearing at my friend. But we didn't let it ruin our day. That's where I'm really thankful for Isaiahs' good attitude about stuff.
We forgot to take pictures- we were having too much fun I guess. My brother wanted to go to Olive Garden afterwards so we went and I'm glad we did it was super yummy! We do not have an Olive Garden in Missoula so it was a real treat for us.
Sunday we drove to church, I had nursery during Sunday School (infants) they were so good for me and I love having the babies, they are just so much fun.
The message for Sunday morning was on faith. One of my favorite subjects to hear preached because I always need more faith. Isaiah has so many big dreams and ideas. And sometimes I lose sight of what we are working towards...I can't see a house we built ourselves or lots of kids running around...I can't see our dreams. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Those things aren't spiritual but sometimes I can't see the spiritual things happening either....yet when I believe and have faith I can see.
After church we went to work at the fair booth.
We have 3 things God cannot do at the booth behind 3 doors.
1. God cannot Lie
2. God cannot Change
3. God cannot Let Anyone Into Heaven Unless They Have been Born Again.
We passed out a lot of gospel tracts and got a chance to talk to many many people about Jesus.
It was a blessing. It was probably the best part of the week end for me.


  1. Aside from the rude guys, I'll bet Silverwood was great. My husband would find the Cabelas in Post Falls very attractive!
    We are thinking of going to Missoula overnight this week as a family. Since I'm at home and don't have very much income, we tend to recreate close to home, which isn't difficult in the Choteau area. (Although I recently sold $200 worth of ornaments to fund our trip.)
    For those of us who live east of the Rockies, a drive to Western Montana is a treat. I'm always amazed at the different types of plants and trees that grow on each side of the mountains.
    We have friends in the Bitterroot Valley, so I hope a trip to see them will work out.
    Have a great week.............Denise

  2. Well I hope you have a great trip. We live in Superior (but my family is from Missoula). I too am at home but last wk before the trip my Dad needed help in the lawn service while my younger brother worked in the fair. So I made some extra money to cover the trip and more. It's nice to do stuff like that every once in awhile when you can.