Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nephews and a Niece

Last week-end I took my nephews and niece out to stay at our house while their mommy was away in CA
and their Daddy worked.
We had a blast! We went to the park, ran through the sprinkler, and Isaiah took us fishing Saturday.
I now understand why some mothers think I'm bored and have nothing to do.
My life is just not as exciting as theirs but I do try and stay busy.
BUT never Mom busy.

Meet My Nephews and Niece.

Bransen caught his first fish this past Saturday.
He is sweet, sensitive and a big helper.
He is 5 yrs old.

A red head but not a trouble maker.

Meet Bella.
She has an opinion about every person she meets.
She will let you know that your hair is messy and doesn't like it.
She washed my dishes for me.
She is up for adventure and hikes well in flip-flops.
She is 3.

A bright red head- but no trouble maker.

Meet Gabe.
Short for know the angel.
He is into everything. He likes to climb and fall.
He will poop 3 times in one day.

He pokes, pinches and pulls his sisters' hair.
He is 1 yrs old.
He doesn't have red hair but he is the trouble maker.
Very cute...but a trouble maker.

Isaiah helped them fish-he is pretty sweet and a nice dresser.
Bella and Bransen hiked about 1/2 mile to this lake.
Gabe wanted to but I held him.

"Down Aunt Becky, I walk!"

We found that frog...I captured it...but then it hopped up in my face and I threw the whole net into the water.
Isaiah gave me a look.

The kids wanted to stick their feet in the icy cold water so like a good Aunt I said go for it.


And they did.

Very sweetly they sat and atecherries.
It was so peaceful and the lake was magical. You could see right through to the bottom the water was so clear. The sun hit it and it sparkled. The woods surrounding it so quiet. The stream running to it steady but thin.
And the people coming to visit very sad to go.
Wanting to return soon.


  1. Being an Aunty is SO much fun eh? Your Nieces an Nephews are ADORABLE!!!!
    Looks like FuN!!! :)

  2. Becky,
    Good discreption of each child.
    Though Gabe...not the angel is almost 2. ;~)
    I am enjoying Bella & Gabe today.
    Love ya,

  3. Arn't they the funnest children ever? Gabey's not a trouble maker with me! lol Though Bransen can be . . . with Ryan of course. And Bella Tella is always sweet and has the funniest "evil" laugh in the whole wide world! :) I'm glad you got to have a good nice day and night with them. I can't wait until YOU have kids and I get the chance to spoile them like crazy! haha! ;)

  4. Oh, and did you get an actual camera or what? The pictures are good and bigger looking than what your phone takes.

  5. Cute pictures! Montana is beautiful!