Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Date Day

Not Date Night.
Date Day-

Isaiah took me out to lunch at the Golden Chopstick.
Best Chinese food ever! We looked forward to chatting with the smiley lady that takes our order, standing in line soaking up the Superior air and sunshine.
We took our food to a quiet park.
Our little picnic was full of my favorites ...coffee......cherries...and truffles!
We had a lovely time chatting it up.
He told me some of his childhood memories I'd never heard before. It was nice to just spend time together alone after last week and not seeing much of each other.

We went to the museum.

An informed lady named Kay gave us a tour. She showed us so many interesting things I can't believe how much she knew, you could tell she loved her job. I really enjoyed looking at the old pictures the most and hearing the stories of the people in them. One couple she told us about showed up in mineral county with fifty cents to their name. Years later by being frugal and developing good friendships they become very wealthy, having no children of their own, they started a scholarship fund with the money they left when they died.

I thought that was pretty neat of them.
Another couple she told us about (yes, I'm kinda into stories about couples) had a picture in the museum that was taken on their wedding day. She wore a beautiful black dress (b/c white was 'in' yet). The tour guide was showing us that they had the dress donated and she couldn't believe how skinny the waist was on it- then she looks at me and says "She was skinny like you and you are so skinny it's disgusting!" I should have said thank you but instead I looked down at myself and had to giggle ( Isaiah didn't laugh-he has more self-control than me).
I consider myself a little on the athletic side....so disgustingly skinny is not me.
A picture of a man without his wife told the story of a horrid wife she wanted him buried face down so she could kick him in the pants after he was dead. And this man was known to be a very generous mine owner who donated a lot of his money to the school, hospital, and court house building.
Anyways it made me wonder if one hundred years from now or two hundred years from now a picture of Isaiah and I was found...what would we be known for? I'd hope the tour guide would say- this couple really loved God, they built their house slowly debt free (which was no popular in their time), they had many children and gave a lot of money to missionaries and those in need. That's what I'd hope they'd say.

It was a good time with my hubby no house work-it was just a date day.
I'm glad we are best buddies.
And his feet are lovely.

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  1. Awww!!! And what was that lady's deal? Maybe she was mad at her husband for sharing his wealth with other people when she wanted it or something? And if that tour guide thought you were "so skinny it was disgusting" I wonder what she'd say about me. lol Probably that I look like a walking skeleton. ha!