Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last wk-end Isaiah andI took Ryan to the rodeo here in Superior. He took this picture of us with my cell-phone (that's why it's such poor quality). We had lot of fun. Ryan got to chase a baby calf (oh course it's a baby...that's why it's called a calf). A girl barrel racing almost got hurt really bad, her horse surely did and the guy behind the fence that the horse ran into....he flew back 20ft, it was scary-
Isaiah got a group of boys (I say boys b/c they looked like they were 12 and 13) to help him in the wild cow milking, Isaiah is very good at milking, those boys were not good at holding the wild cow. I cheered really loud! It didn't help :(
But we had a good time and we even dressed up to get into the mood- aren't we cute...well Isaiah is..
We didn't dance afterwards...we wanted too just not with a bunch of drunk people and we don't know how to dance...we try..all the time and have lot of fun. Here's how it goes...
The credits to a movie starts to play. Isaiah gets up and starts dancing I'm laughing so he pulls me up into it....and I pretty much got the moves (not) but we do try and have lots of fun. Someday we will take dancing lessons and be really good- we definitively have the enthusiasm.
My favorite part of the rodeo was: the older couple in front of us...yeah I'm a sap! They were being so cute and sweet to each other (they were like in their 40s) kissing every 20 mins or so, hugging, laughing at their 3 teenagers and their friends. They were really sweet.
Today we are going to Silverwood-
Tell you about that later-


  1. What a wonderful day for you both.
    Choteau has a rodeo during our big 4th of July celebration. I'm not much of a fan, so I stayed home. My husband and son didn't have to walk very far to get to the rodeo grounds, which was nice.
    I hope you enjoyed Silverwood. We have never been there.
    Have a blessed week..........Denise

  2. Ha ha! I'm just picturing you and Isaiah dancing which reminds me of all the times you'd dance with us and fling us across the room! Those were fun/crazy times weren't they?

  3. Denise- ooh I love watching rodeo, wish I could see yours.
    Chasity- YES! The best times dancing with sisters as one of you plays the piano. I hear you have a new Irish song book...I can't wait to hear you play some songs.

  4. Aaron and I dance and act crazy to movie music too ... you guys keep having fun =)

    I laughed when you said the "older couple in their 40's" lol....40 doesn't seem so old to me now that I am fast approaching 30 =)