Friday, October 21, 2011

At Work, At The Store, At Home

Today was crazy....
like most my days that I go to work....but no one spit on me.... hit me or cussed me out
like Wednesday. I did get told thank you a lot and that always helps- and it was a bonus shift and those are always nice but it was a morning shift and those are always crazy. But as crazy as things get it's always worth it to help people...even if they are out of their minds half the time :)
At the store....
I felt like getting ice cream...and pickles.
No reason just wanted those two things. I already have a reputation in our little store- now to add to it I buy crazy food items :)
So the cashier looks at my food and asks: "Are we pregnant?"
I had to laugh- and sadly tell her no....I think...I will let you know in a few wks.
At home....finally home.
Clean, clean, run 2 miles as fast as I can before the rain comes, shower, nap, take my hubby lunch- LUNCH DATE! Back home, sigh, time to write and relax.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
God be with you-


  1. Oh....
    But I already know what you are like....being that you lived @ my house for 19 years. 8~)
    I will try not to spit on you when I get old...
    just feed me ice cream and you will be fine...
    but no pickles, thank you.
    Love ya,

  2. I have been having some problems commenting, but I think this one will work. I will be eager to hear if you're pregnant too. Are you hoping for a large family? It was all I could do to have two (12 years apart), but I remind myself that God doesn't make mistakes.
    It is supposed to be windy today, so perhaps I will get some time to sew. That's always a pleasure.
    Have a blessed weekend........Denise

  3. I will eat the pickle and drink the pickle juice. Just don't worry about your mom's and my blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. Just let us eat junk and we will be happy. We will also go to heaven sooner and you won't have to take care of us so long. Also, plan to have our room really cool and lots of electric warming devices for your mom or we will not be able to live together in our old age.
    I love you Becky!
    Yer maw n law.