Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out of Power

Yes, I did not abandon my blog.
We have been out of power for the past 20 or so hours and I didn't think it would be so bad.

No electricity- my in laws had already called the power company
No shower- that's OK I took one right before I went to bed no big deal.
No heat- Hmmm glad I have a hot husband who can keep me warm.
Limited water.
So the day was going fairly fine we ate cereal and then had homemade mac n cheese for dinner with the last of the water (Well Isaiah did, I didn't have time).
I drove my BIL David to drivers ed, I shopped for a few groceries...I was kinda nervous for my first CNA class and I ended up buying a ton of pasta.
Got to my class, everyone was friendly, I really like my teacher. We have class for four hours every week night until the end of March- it's going to be a lot of information cramming.
I did not have dinner so by the time I was headed home I did have an extremely bad head ache. I called my FIL to see if the power was back on, it was, or at their house anyways and he offered me some of his yummy fox stew (very good) if I came up to their house. My head ache was going away, my little SIL Grace-Marie was peppering me with questions like
"When are you going to make cookies again? Can I come to your house soon?"
I arrived at home at 9:45pm
wanting a hot bath and do some studying....the power was still out...ugh...

I called it in and decided to go to bed.
I woke up to what sounded likescreaming and laughing. I wasn't sure what it was...the noise was very loud! I freaked out and grabbed a shot gun and shined my flashlight out the windows into the dark. The noise kept getting cellphone rang... it was my FIL. They had coyotes at their house a few minutes ago and the dogs were chasing them away (to my house) and he called to check on me. He also told me the power company sent guys from Missoula so they wouldn't be here for awhile so he was coming down to get me. I was scared and really glad to get out of the dark house.
4 am
My husband gets off work and comes to get me and bring me home. The power was still out.
We saw guys working on a tree that fell on a line near our house. Scary. My husband talked to the guys and told them he would leave a light on outside our house so they would know when we had power back.
Isaiah and I talked for awhile, we prayed together and went to bed.
This morning Praise God the power is back on, no more screaming coyotes and Isaiah is home.

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