Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 6 Months of Being Married!

Wow, you wouldn't think that so much could happen in a short six months and how fast the time has gone by.
I gave away my first kiss on our wedding day.
Had an amazingly beautiful adventure in Ireland.
Came home pretty broke and not knowing how we were going to live on the money left.
Watched God work over and overagain- and seeing what He wanted was not always what we had planned.
And for everyone who keeps asking us every week of our lives....
We are not pregnant-
I never thought I'd get baby fever so bad.
and lose it
And get it back again :)

So for the Jr. McGuffeys-
We are renting a small but cute cabin a few miles out of Superior. That has a lot of stuffed animals in it...that were once alive!
Isaiah is working nights at Tricon in the off season of fishing. He is doing so well there we all think he will be the king soon ;) Well not to brag but he's gotten two raises since he's started working there 4 months ago- Praise God! He is a wonderful husband and takes really good care of me. Works hard and loves me to death.
Rebekah, me, myself and I- is enjoying being a wife, I love cooking new things and taking good care of my hubby making sure all his needs are metgiggle and I just started a CNA class an am enjoying that.
We love Sundays! It's our favorite day when we get to go to church. Isaiah teaches boys Sunday School class ages 6-10 and I pray for him- on the 4th Sunday we enjoy doing a nursing home service at the Missoula manor in the afternoon.
It's such a blessing to have someone to serve God with.
To have a best friend.
A lover.
A guide of my youth.
Thank you Lord for bringing Isaiah into my life!

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