Friday, March 18, 2011


Get out the door!!!
I tell myself each day.
Once I am out the door the hard part is over now I can start to enjoy the run.
I have only been in one 10k race but this year I want to be in as many as I can and run a half marathon in July.
I started running two years ago- I loved the way my body filled with warmth at the end of the run I loved being alone and thinking on the run- I hated getting out the door to run. I started running because it was my Sr. Year and there was no homeschool volleyball team to play for anymore and I wanted to do something to keep me fit and healthy. Running was free-
I could only run 2 miles that first year and that was enough for me. Last year I had double it and sometimes thripled my runs. I went 5 to 6 miles at least three time a weeks and the farthest I ran was 10 miles.
This year my goal is to run 25-30 miles a week.
This year I have a loving husband who wants to go with me.
He keeps up with me, in fact he is a lot faster than I am but I am not a speed runner- I like the distance, the farther I go the better I feel in the end no matter what speed...speed comes later for me. So while he wants to run one mile in 6 or 7 mins I would rather run 6 or 7 ten minute miles. But he has agreed to run to run my pace. I notice the longer the run the stronger I feel and how even my breath gets- his on the other
Tomorrow is race day!
It's only a 5k, but I'm not very fast, kinda nervous. Isaiah is running in it too so that will help.
I love running.
What are your favorite Spring activities?


  1. I love walking with my little girls.

  2. I force myself out the door, force myself to star running, and force myself to keep running...I'm not one for excersize...getting out of bed is the easy part for me:)

  3. I like to ride bikes....
    speaking of them, are you missing a bike?
    Well...if it stays at my house I will be forced to ride it. ;-)
    Though I will get a new fancy seat for it. 8-)
    Love ya,

  4. I LOVE running!
    The farthest I've ever been able to go has been 3 miles, but my goal this year is 5. I'm impressed that you can go 10 miles!
    Are you able to run all winter? I wish I could, but it kinda gets really terribly cold out here :) That's the one part that I don't like about running...starting from square one every spring :(

  5. I haven't been running all winter but next year I'm going to try to run even if it's snowy so I can stay in shape.
    I hate treadmills....I think they're boring. I'm really glad I live in such a beautiful place.