Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date Night!!!

Isaiah and I are going on a date tonight (late Valentines Day Dinner at church) and I'm pretty excited about it! It's the first one that we could attend since we've been courting, there will be fun games just for couples, yummy food from Johnny Carinos, and Isaiah will be taking me.
I remember our first Valentines Day Date......
We took my Mom. We went to Red Robin. He gave me a big bag of green peanut M & Ms ( what a stinker). And then we went for a long drive around Missoula in his Moms old beater red car (with my Mom in the back seat). I showed him the house where I was born and then we drove to the top of a very large hill and parked. My Mom then told us about 'parking" and we laughed....I was thinking 'hmmm someday when we are married I'm going to take Isaiah parking...but without my Mom' then my Mom got out of the car to take some pictures and Isaiah started crying. He told me how happy he was and that he was so glad to be courting me. Anyways, I thought it was the sweetest and I started crying as well. My Mom came back with a funny look on her face and I laughed. We were so pathetic....not so much now because we have a kissing/hugging/hand holding license. But I'm so glad we are past that and married. Gee it's wonderful. So tonight we will get into the car (that is now a blue beater car), drive an hour to Missoula (alone with a chaperon), and have a wonderful date Married style!


  1. I'm so excited to see that you have a blog!!!! How are you doing? I'm miss you so much. You're wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I love the picture of you dress at the top of the blog.

    Hey, are you coming up here anytime soon?

    I hope we can get together some time soon :)


  2. Long story short, God had other plans for us and we are not working in Whitefish, we are in Superior and very happy even if our plans didn't work out the way we thought.