Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budget, Budget, Budget.

Why do people hate the budget? I love it! As a rule I make it and my husband changes it and we both agree on it. Each paycheck we enjoy telling our money where to go and what to do instead of freaking out 'WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO????!!!"
We have only been married 5 months but I think we have learned a lot about money. Not from experience as much as from watching others. We are 7 lessons away from graduating Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.

It has been very fun and I'm glad we are learning these skills right now as we are young. We have never been in debt and we vow never to get in debt even for a house) yes, you read right- Isaiah and Rebekah are slowly but surely going to own their own home but with no debt.
It all seems so far in the future, most of our dreams, but what will make those dreams happen is what we are doing right now.

Budget, budget, budget....a little here and a little there that is what will get us there.

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