Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Dinner Friday

For the past few months or so Isaiah and I have been having a family dinner with his family on Friday nights.
I really look forward to this time of fellowship. Tonight we will be missing one very important member to our family, Clint(my FIL), he is out of town working until Thursday and we all miss him very much. Lawana ( my MIL) or David ( my BIL) normally makes the main dish and I bring a side (although I brought homemade pizza a few times) tonight I'm bring rolls and mashed potatoes to accompany pork chops YUMMY!.
Mary-Hannah ( my SIL) and I get a crazy look in our eyes a few hours after dinner and decide to make some kind of sugary treat, usually brownies, then after we play some competitive board game until late (after all it is Friday!) Isaiah and I head home and snuggle up to watch some movie- if I pick it's romantic....if he picks it out it's either suspense or comedy......if we both pick it out together it's a romantic, suspenseful comedy.
Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Hey...
    nice to seeing you blogging...
    How was your dinner?
    Love your "Header" picture.
    Love ya,

  2. It was very good- everyone loved the mashed potatoes. And the pork chops were delish!