Monday, May 18, 2015

His Kindness

Ever get into a fight with your spouse and you know what you were doing was wrong but hearing it come from their mouth just broke your heart?  Well, it should if it didn't.
I hate it when I'm on a perfect date with my husband then one little glitch turns me into a sour tornado of stress.
I mean, we hardly get one on one time having two littles- I should just be able to relax and have a few hours of bliss right?
I have a sin nature, that if it isn't the devil, it's my flesh (for in my flesh dweller no good thing) will try to tear my marriage apart.
How to remedy this?
Admit you were wrong.
When faced with this problem be humble, say your sorry.
Sometimes I honestly tell my husband I dont know what came over me but can we start over.
And I have to make myself stop complaining, freaking out about nothing.
My husband is kind.
Proverbs 19:22
I have always seen this in him from the moment I met him. Even when he calls me out on my errors he does it gently and patiently.
As iron sharpeneth iron; so a man the countenance of his friend Proverbs 27:17 and Isaiah is my best friend.
If you have not such a husband then you will need more grace to keep the peace in your home- YOU need to choose to be the kind one.
Why not just shove it under the rug?
Because marriage is not meant for that.
It is a picture of Christ and the Church. Marriage is the foundation of the family and if we are going to build up strong kids, communities, churches and give glory to God the one who created us we need to have peace in the home.

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