Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dear Henry

I have not met you yet- but I love you so much.
One thing I love about you is that you are changing my big sister into a more beautiful and loving  person.
We never know how much another person will affect us even that little person that is ours or what changes we will make for the better because they are now in our life.
You have made your mama's heart grow bigger.  You have made her love more. You will freak her out. You will teach her to relax and let you be adventurous. You will teach her patience on a whole new level that only you can teach her.
Your Daddy will teach you to be a real man, goofy, strong and steady.
You look just like him. Every time your mama looks at you she will fall more in love with him.
You have an amazing family.
Mom and Dad will raise you up to love God first.  They will be the guide of your dreams and raise the sails to your boat of ambitions. When you are ready they will pull the anchor up and set you off into the world.
They love eachother and they are strong making you strong for any storms ahead.
Henry you just don't know how blessed you are.
You don't know how sweet and wonderful your life is going to be.
Love, Aunt Becky

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