Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mommy Moments

As we walked up the road together I scanned the ground for any change that might have been dropped there.
We walked up the road, crossed the street, passed the small convenience store to get to the Post Office every day.
And every day I scanned the ground for loose change in hopes of finding at least ten cents to buy a sucker at the store.
I wonder if my mom dropped change on the ground when I wasn't looking-

It was Tuesday, taco Tuesday at Taco Johns, tacos were $.99 and my Mom had at least 6 kids at that time to get a quick lunch while running errands.
We went to the Redfern house aka black hole because my Mom always got to chatting with her best friend and we were having so much fun playing with our best friends we never wanted to leave.
I scanned the shelves and rows of books. I was in a magical place where I could go anywhere just by opening up pages and reading automatically transported me there until my mother ship came looking for me.

I am riding in a mini van staring out at the mountains and trees making up the beautiful forest as we travel an hour or so drive to see my favorite boy on the whole earth my soul mate.

She kissed my cheek and gave me one last hug as "her" girl before I walked down the aisle and became "his" girl.

She smiled proudly at me as she held my first born daughter....and she smiled proudly at me as she held my first born son.

She slept on my couch in my tiny house that was very unfinished.
We stayed up late watching Downton Abbey and ate pop corn.
We text every day.
We take road trips together.
Thanks Mom for always being there and giving me Mommy Moments-

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  1. I love you too. I love being your Mom and Grandma to your kids. Thanks for being my favorite 24 year old. :)