Friday, March 21, 2014

My Baby Is Going to be Born today

It hard to sleep... everyone is telling me to rest. Like on Christmas Eve I'm too excited for the surprise on the next day.
My water broke at 5:30pm March 20th 2014.  It is now 2:30am March 21st. Boaz has to be Born today... today will forever be his Birthday. I'm so excited to meet this new person and become his Mama. Excited for him to meet his Daddy and big sister. Wow has she grown. Excited for the challenge of having 2 babies only a year apart.
Feeling so much love for him already.
He is already a good boy and giving me a good productive labor
It actually started Tuesday night but I was afraid that like before it was false labor and I would go in and be disappointed so I hung in and on my contractions would come and go, mild and strong.  Then yesterday, feeling really yucky and like I might be leaking a little I told my doula and she calmed me down. I had Isaiah check me and we were surprised to be at 3 cm . So I walked a little then did my usual squats and lunges in the shower and my water broke! What a better place! I called up Isaiah and we were on our way. After being seen by my mid wife and doula, my instructions were to eat and rest. Baby is on good position. Well I guess I'm resting just not sleeping.
Hoping to have my baby boy soon!

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