Saturday, April 12, 2014

Boaz Wayne

 A mother would give her life for that child to be born. Somebody is going to be Born every day.
March 2nd In fact my first son was born. His labor was the hardest physically thing I have ever done. Once or twice I thought to myself I was going to die (transition when things get close crazy was happening to me.
Having Piper was discouraging then I had a great nap and pushed her out. It was so easy compared to Boaz. Just mentally discouraging because my body wouldn't progress on its own.
It was happening again.
My contractions were losing their juice. They weren't peaking but puttering out. People were texting asking how things were going. I went and saw my mid wife at 11 and she asked if I was in labor. I just cried and said " I don't know what is going on with my body." She laughed and said let me check you. I hugged Isaiah and started to lighten up after drying my tears.
I had made small progress through the night. I was a 4 and 90% effacement. But my contractions were going away

My midwife reccomend I take 4 oz of castor oil after a big lunch to get things going again.
and boy did it get things going. My doula kept reminding me that this is what I wanted, this was going to bring me my baby. Labor is crazy.

Only true love is almost dying to bring someone else into the world.
True love was my husband being so sweet through the whole thing.
When things started up again I got a little snippy at Isaiah and he started telling me what to a know it all.
So we called the doula. AND she told us both what to do and thing went smooth between us there after.
In fact she has us falling in love all over again while I was in joke.
Diarria, puking it was like all the illnesses you could have and then being tortured by a physco...that is was natural childbirth feels like.
Then after you give birth. Pushing was easiest for both of mine.
You hold in your arms the most beautiful baby.
God gets better at making them every day.
Boaz is the sweetest baby.
Wow I have a son and he is looking at me with hia big blue eyes that shout "I LOVE YOU MAMA. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON. I THINK YOU ARE GREAT!"
He is me. Thank you God for this dear sweet child.

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