Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to US!

My husband Isaiahs is now 24! Friday I bought him a fancy cake from bernices bakery in Missoula then my wonderful mother in law watched Piper so we could spend some adult time together. He had to work that night so I came and got to have lunch with him in his new 95 Ford 350 truck....yeah its a beast. Yesterday for my 23rd Birthday he surprised me with this new phone I'm typing on right now. Maybe being 38wks pregnant made me a little emotional because I cried. Then read his card to me and cried some more.
Our Pastor is out of town with his wife while she has cancer treatments so his oldest son preached today. The messages were all good but tonight he got out Legos using them to illustrate how God has a plan for us to become something and instructions on how.
Well 23 yrs old and I had no idea God was going to put me where I am now. Maybe I pictured it a little easier or more comfortable but definitely not all the blessing that surround me right now. I don't deserve my life. I can only lift up my head and praise God and thank him for taking care of me when I was weak and making me a stronger person for His glory. The past few months have been challenging to say the least but it is worth it when your husband looks at you with more love and tells you that you are lovely and that you make every thing lovely and without you he would be nothing not even crazy because the first crazy thought he had was that he could have you.
Yep, how can I complain with a sweet husband like that. Cherishing these rough times and that they show us who we really are on the inside.

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  1. Happy birthday!! :) You and that baby bump are looking super cute :) Praying these last few weeks go well for you and you have a fast easy delivery. Can't wait to see pics :)