Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm So In Love With Her and Her Papa

26wks pregnant.
I never thought I'd be so in love.
Going through old stuff, as I'm nesting/cleaning the house like a mad woman
 I'm finding old pictures, old love letters
The young young Isaiah and Becky falling in love
Growing up together
More dreaming
Being separate
Being together
Having fun
Good memories.
Now we are becoming the Isaiah and Becky
I woke up the other morning with my big pregnant body rolling out of bed
Messy 3 ft of hair plied on top of my head
Breath smelling like death
My dear sweet husband comes from sweeping the kitchen floor to give me a kiss and tells me he thinks I'm beautiful and he loves me so much.
Piper gives me a few joyful kicks to say "I love my Mama too!"
Isaiah smiles at her movements 
Sometimes she likes to go up behind my ribs and do a tap dance.
She will be the next Shirley Temple if she keeps up her practice.
I'm strongly discouraging this with ice packs or cold hands- hehehe
I'm so excited to meet her, I love her so much.
She makes me love her Papa more.
She has brought out sweetness in him that I've never seen before
He is going to be such an awesome Papa
I have a ton of baby clothes- from sisters and friends
Will she have time to wear them all?
Probably, if she is a puker like one of her cousins
I haven't looked at the scale or my ever changing body and felt sad
Weirdness but not sad
Now when I see it snowing tonight and think about not going snowboarding this winter
I feel sad then
But then I think about all the time I will have to sleep while Isaiah goes.
Yes, today is my day off and I slept for tossing and turning-just  pure "I'M TIRED SLEEP."
I thank God for this baby girl.
I'm so in love with her.

21wks and sucking her thumb



  1. Rebekah, you are a blessing. Thankyou.

  2. Awww! This was such a sweet post! I almost started crying!

  3. Sorry I just saw this. I am really loving the way your are writing! I am so happy for you 3!