Monday, April 9, 2012

Haven Your Heart

One of my sisters is doing something I did not expect her to do- she was so boy crazy- I was really worried about her that she would get her heart broken. Today I am very proud of her she is a warrior at keeping her heart safe.
My husband and I were talking late Saturday night on the subject of saving your heart and how the devil will try to sway your heart when you are young to use later when you're married and times are rough.
Sunday morning I was thinking about that so I went to the teen class room and wrote "Save your heart for your future spouse!" on their marker board.
You may think this isn't important or I'm just being silly-but it is and I'm not if you want to have a good marriage you need to give your spouse your heart.

Proverbs 4:23
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Keep means to protect, guard, watch after-
Do you let your heart slip away on a crush that becomes something more.
Is your heart hanging on the every word of someone. Does your heart jump at the call or text of him or her. Does it pound in your ears when you see them?
You may not think this is a big deal until you are in a fight with your spouse and you remember how wonderful it was with so and so or your sugar had too much sugar and doesn't look as great as that crush in high school does now.
At the age of 13 I gave my emotional heart to the Lord and told Him I never wanted to date. I wanted to keep my heart safe until my husband was ready to receive it. And boy was he glad that I did. I don't know how many times we thank each other for saving our first kisses for each other. Isaiahs' hand is the only one I've ever held. He saved all his "I'm so in love with you!" looks for me.
Marriage is meant to be a once in a lifetime thing- why aren't young adults preparing for it? Why aren't they encouraged to save their heart?


  1. Thanks Becky for getting the message out. Most young people do not seriously even know that keeping their heart is an important or even possible venture.

  2. Good post Becky.... So glad Ben and I saved our hearts. It's wonderful knowing your husband has only loved you and no one else. It pays to wait on the Lord and do right

  3. Good post Becky! Finally got the chance to read this! It's very thought provoking. Someone once said to me, "give your heart to God and He'll give it to the one you should be with when you should be with that person" and I think that is how it should be. Some of my friends say they've given their hearts to God but then they live like they haven't. I really wonder if they did or just say that or maybe they gave to somebody else? Whatever it is when I think of them I just have to pray for them. I'm glad you gave your heart to God and He gave you Isaiah in return. Thanks for being great older sister and a great example!