Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I puked.

Sorry for the overshare- but I haven't been puky sick in a long time and yesterday after coming home from a very fast run with Isaiah (maybe went a little too fast) I went inside and felt so sick in my tummy I puked right in my hands (ewwwwww) a little shocked I ran to the bathroom and yeah....more and more. People at work have been getting the flu and I think I have it now....so I am home...kinda nice to stay in bed but hearing your tummy gurgle kinda makes me scared.
So as I was lying in bed a little distressed I started thinking about morning sickness and how I don't think I would mind puking so much if I knew there was a precious baby growing inside me...thinking about this made me sigh and start smiling- my husband came in and he thinks I'm crazy :)
Isaiah and his two brothers helped him outline where the yurt will be and put a few logs in a barrel of diesel so the ends can soak it up and prevent rotting. I watched while holding my favorite fat orange cat that belongs to my in-laws. For dinner David (another one of Isaiahs' brothers) chicken Alfredo and Italian sausage Alfredo- with a very yummy salad too. Ahhh- thinking of food right now makes me sick.... :(
So anyways we had a good time.
We drove to Missoula for church, Isaiah is starting to preach in the jail some Sundays and this was his first time- I couldn't go with him so I ran a few errands then we both went shopping for tools. Hearing him talk about the jail really made me sad- a lot of those guys have families that they are missing out on because of what they did.
I can't wait for the April meeting at our church! It starts in two weeks for two days- super excited about it!
And that's the update-


  1. Hold on...you guys are building a YURT??

  2. Sorry your sick:( Morning sickness is no fun.... it does help knowing there is a baby growing but it still is miserable.. I'm hoping my morning sickness is about over:)

  3. Are you feeling any better Becks? I'm really excited for the April Meeting too! =D

  4. Sarah- yes! Hopefully have it finished and living in it by September!