Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow Day!

We love snowboarding.
On this day, Ryan my 10 yr old brother was learning.
We found out he has no fear and after "racking his stack" fifty times he still hopped back up and yelled "ohhhhh baby!" while bombing down the hill.
I felt like an over protective parent wincing as I watch him go down the hill so fast just waiting for him to wreck. Ryan is actually really good for his first time. I caught him going off a few small jumps on our last run- crazy kid.

My friend Jeri came and skied- traitor!
My brother, Isaiahs' sister.
We had a fun safe trip- hoping for many more this winter season.


  1. Go skiers! Love ya Jeri!!!!! haha looks like tons of fun!

  2. What great pictures of a fun day. We're not skiers or snowboarders, but I'm sorry to say our local Teton Pass isn't open this year. Those who do enjoy the sport need to travel much farther now. Merry Christmas to you!...........Denise