Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OH The Joy

This time of year is my favorite. I love spending time with my family. I love shopping for my friends and family and I love the sweet way my husband looks at me while I wrap up the gifts under the glow of the tree and when he can't take how "cute" I look so we dance to the Christmas music. I love how cozy our cabin is right now.
Tonight: before I went to the gym I stopped by my inlaws house to visit and Grace-Marie tricked me into playing a card game with her.It was a lot of fun. We couldn't find the rules so I just made some up and soon her older brother Jesse wanted to play.
We had a good time.

I love babies-
I always have baby fever but I'm making a new kind of fever.
A kid fever.
After the card game we played "Sorry" (G-M won!)
We really enjoyed eachother and as a newlywed wife I get kind of lonely. Coming from a big family and then BAM there is just two of us
(which don't get me wrong it's nice having hubby all to myself)
But I miss the JOY that children have. How they can laugh at nothing and be silly because they are just kids.
Christmas future: Children gathered all around their Papa and Mama, fire crackling, hot cocoa, music in the background and a love for God the creator of life.


  1. Ya know...we have lots of JOY over here if you wanna borrow some ;D

  2. Awww . . . Becky you make me miss you more :(
    Love ya!


  3. You know what...you are fun and can be silly too.
    Thats why we love you sooooo much.
    P.S. We miss you too...thats why we like for you to come over often!


    BTW. that is a huge dog! haha
    hope you have a great christmas!

  5. Becky, I just saw this post. You are a great sister-in-law to my kids. You will be a great mom!
    Love you!