Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad

Thank you thank you thank you!
You have given me so much love
and those slobbery bearded kisses
You taught me how to read
and told me to keep my fingers out of my mouth while I do
You spanked me when I was bad
and hugged me afterwards when I was sad
You taught me to work long and hard
and for that I'm very glad
You were always there to listen to me talk
and talk and talk and talk
You taught me to love God
and now I live for Him who died for me
You will always be my Dad
and I will always be your Becky-booster-club
I love you!!!


  1. I love you too, and thanks for ignoring, or at least forgiving my short comings. May God richly bless you and may it be well with you and may you live a long and fruitful life in the love or our Lord Jesus Christ, Dad