Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Alaska Adventure

Oh, I thought I would be bored... I thought I would have plenty of time to blog- it's been a week and I'm just getting to writing this.
Well, it turned out the past seven days has flown by.
For those of you that don't know my husband went to Alaska to commercial fish for 7 weeks...yeah..forever.
Last Friday we had a good last date at Red Lobster-
I had my very first crab and lobster....and it was soooo yummy!
Then we went to the mall for awhile and
took these pictures in a photo booth, saw a movie, and headed back to our car.
Uh, OH! We had a traveling mouse problem that more than
likely started at our house...YIKES!
I couldn't keep my feet on the floor so I sat like an Indian, eyes wide, and Isaiah tells me to quite jumping at every little noise. I did promise not to kill myself driving home-
and I didn't I kept the radio up so I couldn't hear a thing.

Saturday morning I woke up to Isaiah running around our room, I looked at the clock, crap, it's 4;45am and his flight leaves at 5am. It ended up working out for the better and he caught the next flight right after he kissed me goodbye.
The last kiss I would get for a long time.
Back to my main thought- what I expected from this first week of him being gone and what I actually got.

After he left I tried sleeping, didn't work, so I tossed for awhile and headed down stairs to breakfast. I hardly felt like eating so I was kinda just sitting there
by myself trying not to cry when God sent me some encouragement.
"Eating alone?" I looked up to see a couple in their 40s sitting a table away from me. I proceeded to tell them why I was eating alone and all about how crazy I am about my husband while battling a sob in my throat and tears from bursting from my eyes. They told me they were on their 17th wedding anniversary date and that it seems like yesterday they were newlyweds
and they can't really remember how life was without the other there.
They were really cute and later they told me they want to be missionaries to Papua New Guinea. They cheered me up and I had a fine drive home.
I'm really excited for this adventure that he gets to go on and I really wish I could go with him
but there was the coming home into an empty house, going to bed alone and no one to snuggle up to. I don't know how long I was crying thinking about this when he called- but I think he was kinda flattered he was missed so much already. What can I say he's the most wonderful least I think so :)
I love you Isaiah!!!

What I expected my whole first week of him being gone is what how the first day was.
The rest of the week I've been running (30 miles woohoo!), working for some friends that have an herbal business, tutoring Grace-Marie, and I had a friend come stay with me for a few days. So all in all this hasn't been the worst week ever.


  1. Wowsers!! 7 weeks is a LONG time!! I'll be thinking of you!
    30 MILES!!! Wow, I'm slightly jealous :) How long does it usually take you to run that far?

  2. Thank you Jennifer. 30 miles for the whole week- so divided up between 6 days average 5 miles a day but I would run 6 then a 4 then a 2 then a 9 then a 3 then a 6 ect. to =30 total
    Only a few days until the 1/2 marathon then I won't have to run so much!