Friday, April 22, 2011


Showers of blessings we need!
Isaiah and I have recently been blessed with some material blessings- it was totally from God and no man can take any credit for it and it came not a moment too soon but right when we were ready for it.
My heart was bursting with thankfulness and still is. Praise God!
But one thing I would really want and desire to have above all earthly riches is
It is the guide for life. And God will give it to those who ask-
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and boy am I scared- in my flesh dwelleth no good thing and I am scared everyday that my flesh will get the better of me.
There have been a few times in my life when the fear of God brought me to make a good decision.
I was eleven years old, I grew up in church my whole life and I hadn't given my life to Christ yet. I understood, I just wanted to make my own decisions and not let God lead my life. I was dumb but I got some fear in me. At a preachers meeting a preacher put the fear of God in me. He seemed to be preaching right at me (although he wasn't), he told me how my life would go without God running the show and I saw it too.

I came forward and my pastors wife prayed with me- she told me "Well, you know what to do." and I did- so I did it! I asked God to forgive my sins and run my life.
First best thing I ever did. The biggest blessing I ever got to receive.
Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for my sins!

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  1. Becky, I remember the night you prayed to be saved well-do you remember the date? I do because I wrote it in my New Testament-April 2, 2002-Katie B. and Emily C. prayed also. There were 7 altogether-what a night! What a beautiful Christian you have grown up to be! I love the picture here on your blog-it is modest and precious, just like you! Love, Mrs. H