Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SAVE IT for the marriage

Wedding season is upon us and we just received a wedding invitation. We were expecting and excited to go to this wedding but we unfortunately will not be attending. It's on a Sunday  there is no possible way we can make it to church to serve and worship God who is #1 in our life and go watch this union. It's going to have booze, beer, alcohol (don't those help destroy marriage s?) They wouldn't be invited to my wedding...I don't want my husband puking on my dress, getting drunk or anyone else getting drunk...
There is going to be dancing...After the drinking..sounds like a party...
Sounds like I'm not going.
Looks like the way the engagement pictures turned out they are already sleeping together...OK your hands are on her butt and your face practically in her breasts...serious passionate kissing.
Save it.
So I thought it was time.
I have been so busy enjoying my new mommy life that I almost forgot how passionate I am about relationships. .. how much I hate the dating game( basically practicing for divorce) and how no one values those things that are rare and precious anymore.
No one is saving it for marriage.
Not enough people are shouting " It's God's plan for you to be with only one person! It's worth the wait! Keep pure! Give God the glory! Do right! Do right! Just wait! I waited and my marriage doesn't have a lot of problems that come from not saving it all! My marriage is not going to fail because I won't let it starve. Fight for what you value!"
Maybe I just have the best husband in the world...I like to brag... but he only ever held my hands, kissed only my lips on our wedding day and saved all of himself just for me. Wow, that shouts "I'm worth it. I'm valued. I'm precious. I am loved." And in return he found a girl that saved all her love for him and he has her whole heart safe with him.
I want everyone to feel the way I do.
I want everyone to have a God centered marriage.
I want every wife to be loved and to honor and respect her husband even when she isn't feeling the sparks.
I want this dying thing called marriage to LIVE.
Why are they failing? Why are they starting with a frat type party instead of a ceremony of seriousness and celebration?
Because they are lacking God in the relationship.
My mother in law said " if a stool only has 2 legs it wobbles and will fall over but if you have a 3rd leg it is well supported."
God is my third leg in marriage.
So it's starts way back before the marriage begins.
Is this relationship giving glory to God? Is everyone that sees us see God working in our life?
Or do they see me me me me me?
I know Isaiah could have in no way in his own strength given me all that I received when we got married if he had not had God directing his steps.
I am so blessed.
I never could have waited to give Isaiah all of me on my own....we barely made it until our wedding day for our first kiss if we had not made rules we would never be alone until then.

And the desire of my heart is to put it in the hearts of those not yet married or just about to to ask God to be at the head of it all because without Him there is no hope.
Save the marriage. Save it for marriage.


  1. AMEN sister!!! I agree i may not have walked with God or given myself to him but i can say i want other women young and okd to wait even if you are like me with kids already from living in the flesh or failed marriage etc... You should still wait commit to God first and watch what he will do in your life and who he will bring in your life!!! We may falter a little but pick yourself up and keep at it!!! Thanks becky!!!

    1. I am saved now but i was not when i was younger as well as walking in the flesh instead of clinging to God

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  3. Becky, I am so thankful that you and Isaiah found each other and waited for each other. Your relationship has been a blessing to us old people! Heather, I am very proud of you for waiting as well. Amen sisters!