Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 Years With My Special Someone

In such a short time.In 3 years my life has changed rapidly. 
My life has turned into our life.
My dreams has become our dreams. 
My family went from 8 to 2 to 3....
It's hard, like everything worth having you have to work at it everyday.
I remember when- you were "My Special Someone"
When we weren't officially together.
Before I called you beloved, right about the time you became my friend
you became special to me in my heart and you always will be.
I promised- 3 years ago.

It's always nice to have "someone' to cry and laugh with.
Something I take for granted daily.

 Someone to be by your side in lifes hardest times.
And enjoy Gods greatest blessings with.

 Someone to have and to hold.
To cleave to.
Someone to ask you on fancy dates
Someone to be a godly father to my children and to be a parent with.
Someone to lead a Christian home and family.

A friend, a counselor and guide.
Happy 3rd anniversary to my special "Someone"
Thank you for loving the Lord and being a godly example.
Thank you for loving and caring for me.
Thank you, yes, for being your crazy self and being a dreamer- keep dreaming big.
Thank you for being a strong Daddy-
You are doing a wonderful job.
I love you Isaiah McGuffey-

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