Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 Years!

Of being on the marriage adventure.
With my best friend.
This year I spend our anniversary alone.
Though I'm not alone- he is just as sad about as I am.
And today he told me he finally gets to come home Friday!
What better anniversary gift than to hear your husband say he is coming home? 
Before when we were courting I always wanted to be with Isaiah.
I'm pretty crazy about him.
But we didn't get much time together, him being an hr away, but the times we did have were so special.
I'm thankful for my mom and mother in-law ( plus siblings) who made it possible for us to have a pure courtship.
Being married- I was so happy just to see him every day.
But then he is gone most of the summer commercial fishing in AK.
Having your spouse gone for long periods of time really makes you think about how you treat them when they are around and how much you want them back...how much you want them and would do anything to keep them close in your heart.
How precious Isaiah is to me.
Being alone could make me bitter or I could choose to draw closer to God.
Sometimes I slip and think "Why me, why does my husband have to be so far away."
But really I would rather have my sweet husband just they way he is than any other guy that would be here all year long.
Isaiah is kind, he never complains, he is creative and romantic.
He makes my life exciting.
He has the best taste in music- even when I make fun of his taste at time shhhh I really I like it.
He is not afraid of anything: trying new foods, new sports, going places spur of the moment.
We get along so well- and I'm going to make sure we stay friends for ever....that we always dance crazy in the living room, that we play, that we always kiss and pray before we go to sleep.
After something scary and hard happens...like being newlyweds living off a $15 a wk grocery budget or getting hit by a deer in a car we just bought debt free I think bad things happen to everyone it's how you react and how thankful I am to be married to someone who will pray with me in the hard times and hold me close and have me laughing again.
Isaiah really is the man of my dreams and he's making my dreams come true.
Laugh at me if you will but my dream is to have a godly family, be my husbands help-meet and raise up children to serve the Lord with character. I really believe that is my purpose- to invest my time in my family. Not in an outside job- I want to be the best in what I do and I know I can't be the best at my job and give my family my all.
I believe it is more important to please God with my life than to please others by being successful in their eyes. They may say- she is just a stay at mom...she has no life- she spends all her time on her family because she has nothing better to do.
They are right- I have nothing that should be more important to me than my family.
And the seed to having a beautiful flowering family is a God honoring marriage.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Glad to hear that Isaiah will be home so soon.

  2. Yay! Hey, FYI, I passed an award on to you over at my blog!